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How to configure in Linux.

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The following guidelines will help you to enter the secondary server provided by NIC Costa Rica, using your DNS in Linux or Unix operating system. Important Notes This guide will use the domain as an example. The server name will be and the IP will be The DNS and the IP should be substituted for your server name and your IP. The FREE server name is and its IP address is: Steps to configure it:

1. In your primary server, log into the path following the below examples for both Unix and Linux /etc/namedb/named.conf (if you use FreeBSD/OpenBSD) /etc/bind/named.conf (if you use Ubuntu o Debian Linux) /etc/named.conf (if you use Centos, Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL-)

2. Enable the zone transfer for the IP, which corresponds to the

The option allow-transfer will let you add other secondary servers IP´s. It is suggested to enable the "notify" option of your DNS sever so that any change made to your domain, is immediately notified to your secondary servers, including

3. In your DNS domain table include DNS servers of your domain.

4. Restart your service by using pkill -HUP named, /etc/rc.d/named restart or /etc/init.d/bind restart, (according to your Unix or Linux version).

5. Do not forget to enable port 53 for TCP/UDP.

6. Go to our website After that, go to Frequent Procedures. Once there, choose the Change of Domain Information? option, click on Technical Information.? Add NIC Costa Rica name server at the end of the servers list. After that, add your primary server IP in the corresponding field. In case that you have 2 or more servers, you will need to provide us with the primary server IP.

7. To verify the information and configuration of your DNS server, you can test it with the dig tool, as shown below: $dig @[IP address of your primary DNS server] [your domain name] $dig @ [your domain name] The IP must be changed to your primary server IP and the domain must be substituted with your domain name. The IP is the IP to our secondary server.

Recommended Bibliography: a) DNS and BIND (5th Edition). By Cricket Liu, Paul Albitz. b) Pro DNS and BIND. By Ron Aitchison.

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